Hello Berlin!

Berlin has to be one of my all time favorite cities. I like it due to the fact that it is not only steeped in history it also has a great culture and so many things to explore. The nostalgia of the city also attracts me to it. On my recent trip to Berlin I managed to mix all of my favorite things about the city over an extended weekend.

Having visited Berlin a couple of times before I skipped out on all the typical tourist spots. Checkpoint Charlie, Holocaust Memorial, TV Tower and several more had been checked off the lists in previous visits. This time it was all about taking in the atmosphere of the city and seeking out some things that were a little off the beaten path.

I stayed at the NHow Hotel which is situated in the Friedrichshain area. This was a perfect base as it was so well connected to the U and S Bahn and was only a short walk from the East Side galleries.  I would definitely recommended checking out to see some amazing graffiti art on original parts of the Berlin wall.

When it comes to shopping I prefer to seek out independent brands and boutiques rather than High Street Brands at home. There are also several flea markets dotted around the city which are worth checking out if you are there over the weekend. If you set out early evening you can even manage a few in a day. The biggest and most popular is the Fleamarket at Mauerpark. The market at Fehrbellinerplatz is good too and close to some nice cafes to stop by after.Each have a good selection of trinkets, clothing, furniture and art. As always these can be a hit or a miss however I’ve managed to pick up at least one thing from each trip when I’ve visited the several flea markets that the city has to offer. I always like to pick up things from when I travel as a reminder of the trip whether that be a tacky fridge magnet, an art print or even an item of clothing.

In between all of this I of course had to stop for a drink and a bite to eat along the way. Our hotel offered an amazing buffet breakfast each morning but of course lots of walking made me hungry to stop for lunch by the afternoon. With the Wallpaper guide in hand I make it my mission to visit some of the nicest places to eat that Berlin had to offer. One that is worth noting is the House of Small Wonder. The entrance to this cute little upstairs eatery is worth the visit along. Greenery and a spiral staircase of dreams leaves little left not to like. Not to mention the tasty food. Go for the classic Eggs Benedict which offers a surprising twist on a classic dish. For dinner I visited Camilla Parker Bowles which offered a fantastic service alongside amazingly tasty food. Afterwards I visited the Prince Charles bar for some after dinner cocktails. You get the connection right? Go on a Saturday for the Hip Hop and Burgers night too. There are several other nice bars in this area too which you can hop to and from depending on what mood you are after.

Some cool shops worth mentioning are Voo Store which is a conceptual store offering designer brands along with an in house coffee shop. The Store at Soho House is also worth visiting for a curated edit of International designers. Not in everyone’s price range however it has a nice feel to it and has an interesting range of magazine to peruse as well as a coffee shop. Now that I’ve been to Berlin I can’t wait to plan my next trip away.

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