My Favorite Places to Brunch

One of my absolute favorite things to do at the weekend is to have Brunch. Whether it is at home or outside my weekend is not complete unless it involves some kind of brunch. Oh and it also has to include eggs! Over the years I have tried and tested a few different cafes and restaurants around London. Some include Instagram hot spots as well as some not so well known. The Brunch trend doesn’t seem like its going to stop with cafes ever increasing and more and more bottomless brunch deals too. Some of my favorite places are listed below. Let me know if your favorite places to Brunch too in the comments. I always like to try new places. Also follow my food adventures at allaboutheplate on Instagram

Lowry and Baker

This was the place that started my love affair of Brunch when I discovered this cute little cafe around 5 years ago. Situated at the bottom less busy top of Portobello Road this cafe serves up delicious all day brunch at a good value for money. With a limited menu the food is of good quality and certain to fill your brunch desires. Also serving good coffee too and juices in cute little mismatched cup. The cafe is small and service can be a little bit slow but please don’t let that put you off. Recently the cafe has changed management and I’m pleased to say the new owners have not made too many changes to the menu and with some more staff the service has improved

Egg Break

Before this Notting Cafe had even opened it had already caught my attention with the name. A cafe dedicated to Eggs how could I resist. Don’t fret non egg lovers as there are dishes without eggs as well as vegetarian options. Nestled just behind Notting Hill Gate Egg Break is a sure fire Instagram hotspot with a crowd gathering outside most weekends waiting on a table. Please do not let this put you off as from my experience I’ve never had to wait more than a half hour for a table. The cafe has actually expanded in size from when initially opening meaning that it can cater to more Brunch lovers. Every time I go there is always specials and new things to try however my ultimate favorite dish featured below has been taken off the menu. Please bring it back! What’s not to like about waffles with bacon, eggs and spicy ketchup on top?

Farm Girl

If you haven’t heard of this place where on earth have you been living? Under a rock? I kid but this healthy and holistic Australian inspired cafe is the ultimate brunch spot and tourist trap at the weekend. Tourist trap I’m not so sure about however due to it’s location, right at the bottom of Portobello Road you can always expect a long queue for a table at the weekends. Nestled into a tiny courtyard it is a cute place to sit to get a feel of the outdoors whilst inside. My tip if you do plan to visit at the weekend is to go early and get the attention of a waiter to put your name down for a table. When I visited the queuing system was a tad unorganized which left a few diners unhappy about their long wait. Moving on to the most important thing, the food! With a healthy outlook the portions aren’t too big so I would recommend ordering a few dishes to share between two. The avocado on toast is compliment with strawberries which adds a nice flavor. Of course the avo can be topped with eggs too. Stop short on ordering the bacon flakes if you are expecting it to resemble anything like bacon though. I haven’t mentioned the coffee which can be rose infused and topped with petals. The perfect Instagram brunch shot is now complete.Enjoy.

The Breakfast Club

Another infamous brunch spot this yellow fronted cafe has several outlets around London and in Oxford. I visited the Soho one to see if it was worth the hype. Of course there was a queue outside midweek but being in Soho, the center of London I expected this. The wait wasn’t too long with the tourists in the queue. I can’t remember exactly how long it was but definitely under the hour. At times I have seen security on the doors to manage the queue. For me the food was good but I found it hard to unwind and relax due to the busy atmosphere. It is an institute and a place to visit for any fan of brunch or even the movie of the same name for the novelty factor. I haven’t been back since my initial visit however I’m forever dreaming about the pancake stacks I had when I visited. Topped with eggs of course.

NAC Mayfair

North Audley Cantine is situated just off of Oxford Street. I had discovered the restaurant on Instagram before discovering how convenient the location was. In a such a desirable location this cute restaurant has a booking policy which helps especially if you intend to visit on a weekend. With brunch only being served at the weekend the restaurant offers lunch and dinner menus too. I think the menu has changed a little since I last visited however the food was delicious. Be a little bit greedy and try the Frosties soft serve ice cream to satisfy a sweet tooth craving. This is a nice place to take a break from shopping on Oxford Street and a little bit fancy. The interiors are impressive too making it a lovely background for a perfect picture. Have you noticed a theme here? All of the places I have mentioned make for a pretty picture.

I could never tire of finding new places to eat. I could have mentioned more places to please let me know if you need any other recommendations of places to eat in London. Or for any other major cities in fact as I tend to keep a log of most restaurants I visit on Trip Advisor . I hope this post hasn’t made you too hungry!

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  1. February 5, 2018 / 1:06 am

    It made me too hungry, Paul! Brunch time is my favorite time of the day!

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