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  Eye wear is something that is really important to me. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about 2 and I feel that they have became not only a part of me but also an important part of my style. I could easily use contact lenses but I feel that my glasses help complete me as a person. Just like people prefer a certain color of hair I prefer to wear glasses. Over the years I have bought from various different brands and from Opticians who specialize in vintage eye wear. When it came to choosing my most recent pair of glasses I knew exactly where to go for them.

I had been aware of the Scottish brand Iolla for sometime. As usual the power of Social Media meant that I had seen the brand across Instagram and Twitter and was immediately impressed by the styles they had to offer. I had also been recommended the brand from several friends too. Iolla meaning “sight” in Gaelic is based in Finnieston in Glasgow and is soon to open in Edinburgh. The brand is Scottish through and through with all the names of the style of glasses being traditional Scottish names.

Living in London I visited the Iolla showroom on a trip back to Glasgow and was immediately impressed with the store environment and the friendly service I received. I often find it hard to pick a style of glasses, sometimes I can decide immediately on a pair and other times I can be indecisive. A typical Libra trait. On this occasion I didn’t have much time to spare but after viewing several styles online I knew which ones I wanted to try on. With a lovely Sales Assistant on hand I was able to chose a style fairly quickly. I opted for the Hoy style which were a different shape to my previous pair. Available in several colors I chose grey as I felt these would be the most versatile. Not only that the price point for their glasses is only £65! I couldn’t believe the price at first especially as the lenses include anti-glare and scratch coating as standard.

Leaving my prescription I waited with baited breath to receive my glasses. There’s always a bit of hesitation after choosing a new pair of glasses as I begin to doubt that I have made the right decision about which pair to go for. The store offers a delivery service for a small cost which for me was ideal as I had to head back to London soon after choosing my glasses. Upon receiving my glasses I couldn’t have been any happier with them. Taking a few days to get used to them I soon became convinced that I absolutely made the right decision on the style of glasses. I am so happy with my glasses that I am already considering buying a second pair. Oh and did I mention that Iolla also offer prescription glasses too? Well it is coming towards Summer soon!

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