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So could you resist the Boxing Day Sales? I certainly could! With working in retail the last thing I wanted to do on Boxing Day was to visit or should I say fight my way to the shops. With that being said however I do want to bag myself some bargains. With years of retail experience I like to think that I know of a few tricks on how to shop the sales in the best ways and by avoiding the hustle and bustle of Boxing Day. Below I’m sharing my top tips on how to score the best bargains.

Identify What You Want to Buy

With online shopping being so convenient now it’s easy to save your favorite items and decide to buy them later. Asos,com is great for this. You can easily browse and save your items for up to 60 days. It’s good to do this leading up to the end of the December as even if the items go into Sale they will still be in your saved items! If you save your size as well this will make it super convenient to move it into your basket too. This rule doesn’t only apply to online shopping though. Spotted that amazing coat back in October but don’t want to splurge on it? Not to worry keep a watchful eye on it as it soon approaches Sale time. Most retail stores group Sale items prior to marking them down meaning it’s easy to identify whats going into Sale before it’s marked down, Zara is a great example of this. Often wonder why the shop looks a mess a few days before the Sale starts? This is why! Also don’t worry if you have bought an item which has then gone into Sale. Providing you have not worn it and have the receipt most retailers will refund you back the difference. Do not try this at Zara as they have a rule by which the item needs to be on Sale for 24 hours before you are able to buy it again. Ah Zara make up their own rules sometimes!

Hold Out for Further Reductions

It’s so easy to get swept up in the mayhem and buy things straight away however if you can hold out and wait a bit longer you will often find that items are further reduced. Brands well known for this are the likes of Zara, Topman, Urban Outfitters and the likes. I almost never shop the Zara sale immediately as often the discounts are never that good. Give it a few weeks after launching however and you will find deeper discounts. This can be a bit risky and if there is something you are desperate for and there is few sizes then I would definitely say to buy it. Also don’t rule out departments stores such as Selfridges and Harrods during Sale times too. Most people are put off in thinking that both Department Stores are only for the super rich. Shop smartly and you will find Moschino phone cases marked down to £5 as I have done in the past.

Be in the Know

To grab some real bargains the tip is to be super savvy. Before Boxing Day most retailers have “Sale Previews” for loyalty card members. This usually means you can shop selected sale items before they are officially marked down. It also means that you do not have to fight to find your size etc. Most department stores such as Liberty and Selfridges often tend to do this. Recently I was tempted by some Gucci shoes which were discretely marked at 30% off a few weeks before Boxing Day. Surprisingly come actual Boxing Day they were gone. Top tip is to swipe while the iron is hot! Also most retailers begin markdowns prior to Boxing Day and don’t publicize it. This means that you can actually shop the sale before the Boxing Day rush. This is what I tend to do most of the time and smugly look on at shoppers scrambling for items come Boxing Day. Having experience working in retail also makes it easy for me to see when certain stores have wrote the markdown price on the label in a “code” prior to it being marked down. If you can spot this it makes it easy to tell when the item is going to be marked down and how much it’s going to be.


Of course sometimes all of this goes out of the window and I just buy impulsively but I do tend to always stick to the same habits! I hope my tips come in handy when it comes to shopping the sales!

Below I have linked some of my favorite Sale picks at the moment. The below items linked are affiliate links, this does not affect the price of the item for you as a customer, it just means a small percentage of the sale may go to the person who generated the link.

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