Countdown to Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner I can’t help but get into the spirit by letting the festivities inspire how I dress. Not being one for a full one sequin look although I may have had my moments, recently I’ve taken a different approach to festive styling and by wearing this Red Check H&M shirt.  I’m always on the lookout for the perfect red check and as soon as I seen this one I knew I had to have it. A red check shirt is such a versatile piece as it can be worn in so many different ways.

To mix it up a little bit I decided to wear the shirt over a hooded top. Fashion to me is all about finding new ways to put pieces together and wearing items that you feel comfortable in. Wearing the shirt layered over a hooded top brings all the attention to the shirt instead of it being hidden underneath. It also makes the shirt act a bit more as a jacket which is perfectly fine if you aren’t intending on staying out all day. I’m a great fan of layering especially during winter time as it can really make the difference with an outfit. To me good menswear styling lies within the details. I can guarantee that I will get a lot of wear out of this shirt especially with all the different ways in which I can wear it.


Just to tie the whole outfit together I finished off my outfit with my favorite Gucci Loafers. The shoes also balance out the green of the hood of my top. See what I said about it being all about those little details? In line with the recent updates to my blog I have added a Shop page where you can find all of the items that I’m wearing at the moment. The items linked in the Shop page are affiliate links, this does not affect the price of the item for you as a customer, it just means a small percentage of the sale may go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the most recent updates to the blog.

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