Gucci Unboxing

Following on from my last post about Gucci I am pleased to share with you some recent purchases. I had some store credit due to a faulty repair to the shoes featured in the previous Gucci post. I was deeply saddened that the shoes had been damaged after being resoled. I gave my shoes to Gucci to add a rubber sole to them however after being sent back twice the damage to the shoes were still evident. I was a bit perplexed as to how they could become damaged and unfortunately Gucci did not offer any explanation however they did apologize and do their best to resolve the situation.

Princetown Slippers

I was invited to the Bond Street store pick an alternative pair of shoes to replace the damaged pair. Initially I was looking to exchange for the same pair however they were sold out as they were produced in limited quantities. I tried on several pairs however I struggled to find a pair that lived up to the previous ones. What attracted me to the shoes in the first place was the color. I already have several pair of black shoes so immediately anything black was taken out of consideration. This didn’t leave too many to chose from however the last pair I tried on were the pair that I took home with me.

With some persuasion from my Sales Assistant I tried on the Vegas loafers in a lovely shade of bottle green from the Pre Fall collection. These weren’t my initial first choice however I was surprised how much I liked them when I tried them on. For what was available they were the most similar in style to my previous pair having a square toe and a blocked heel. Having  decided upon them I then realized I had some money remaining to make up the price of the previous pair.

Vegas Loafer

With Summer approaching  I decided to go for the classic web stripe sliders. Unfortunately they were out of stock however my Sales Assistant ordered a pair for me which came in no time. The sliders will be an easy go to shoe in Summer for adding a touch of class to simple outfits.  What was initially an unpleasant experience turned into a positive one however I would be reluctant to send my shoes away again to add the rubber sole. Even though I had to make several trips back and forth to the store I cannot fault the service I received in store. I feel that the sliders will get lots of use throughout Summer however I’ve still to break in my loafers for the moment.

Web Slide Sandal

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