Summer Haul

As we are now fully entering the Summer months I feel it’s time to share some of my favorite items for Summer at the moment. For me when it comes to Summer style it’s all about simple easy to wear items and eye catching prints. What other time can you fully embrace head to toe tropical brights ?!

Cactus Print Shirt

Recently I have not been able to get enough of ASOS what else is there to do on that spare 5 minutes you have on your lunch break? I often find myself saving items for later only to find that they have sold out. With this now in mind whenever I see items I like I more or less buy them straight away. This can mean several different orders arriving at different times as what happened to me recently. Slightly confusing to keep track of what’s coming and when. I feel that I will be upgrading to a Premium account soon.

River Island Shirt

Whats good with ASOS is that they not only sell their own brands but many others too. I find that it’s best to target search for specific items as for me there are too many items to browse through at a glance. For instance search “cactus” to find all items with that in the description. I also find that filters help whittle down the items too. For me a quick one is to filter items for men only as this gets rid of the hundreds of womens items in the mix.

Mens Co-ord

Along with several items from ASOS I have picked up some from River Island and Adidas too. For me I find that I do often return things that I buy but the things that I do keep I tend to wear often. The joys of online shopping is that you can return as much as you buy. No need to let that desperate last minute holiday shop haunt you up until payday. I often find that if I haven’t worn an item within 2 weeks of buying it that I’m clearly not loving it and therefore I’m not going to wear it.

Unfortunately most items featured above have since sold out however I have linked most similar items I could find below each picture.

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  1. July 14, 2017 / 11:16 pm

    Nice article. I need to check out Asos.

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