I couldn’t resist this bamboo print co-ord when I seen it in the promotional images for the ASOS Man Summer campaign. When it became available online I was a bit slow of the mark to buy it. It was only when I realized that there were not many sizes left that it immediately went into my basket. I’ve noticed recently that most things on ASOS do sell out quickly and are not often restocked. There have been many items I’ve saved only to go and buy them later for them to only be sold out. Luckily this was not the case with this co-ord. This one did not get away!


Usually I can be a bit resistant to buying two items of the same print as the cost of them together can be quite high. The great thing about ASOS own brand is that all items are reasonably priced. The set was £47 and I managed to get %10 off using a promo code. For me I haven’t seen anything similiar from other brands and who can resist this millenial shade of pink? I don’t know where the term “millenial pink” came from but right now I’m just rolling with it.


I know I can easily wear this co-ord throughout summer and the great thing is that I will be able to wear both items seperately and style them in different ways meaning I should get lots of wear out of it. For the meantime I’m wearing them together as intended. Co-ords in the same print are not for the faint hearted however I recommend wearing a plain t-shirt underneath to split the print up a bit .

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