To finish our trip we visited Pisa on our last day. Travelling from Florence to Pisa and the journey was only an hour on the train and didn’t cost much. Visiting Pisa was mainly to visit the Leaning Tower but also  because it was much cheaper to fly in an out of Pisa rather than Florence. For me it made perfect sense and as I got to visit to Italian cities and see the Leaning Tower of Pisa which had been on my to do list for a while.

The Leaning Tower is only a short walk from the main train station however I arrived in Pisa a little ahead of my ticket time for the Leaning Tower to get a feel of the city. Doing a bit of research on the train I realized that Pisa was home to one of the last murals painted by the legendary graffiti artist Keith Haring titled “Tuttomondo”. Being a fan of the late artist I could not resist paying a visit to the mural. The mural is easy to find and is situated on  Via Riccardo Zandonai. The theme of the mural is peace and harmony and is completely relevant today with everything going on in the world. It is said that Haring was inspired to paint the mural after meet a student from Pisa in New York City. More interestingly the mural is painted on a south wall of the St. Anthony Church. This was the last mural Keith Haring painted in June of  1989 before dying the following February.

From here we wandered through the city towards the Leaning Tower. Being a Sunday most shops were shut however I did manage to pick up a tacky souvenir magnet, a must when visiting a new place. Buying tickets prior to visiting is recommended as entrance to the tower is limited. Of course we arrived earlier to make the most of the surprisingly good weather and take an abundance of pictures with the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower and the Duomo are incredible. What astounded me most was the attention to detail of the buildings and the condition of them. With the weather being so nice we made the most of our time at the top of the tower observing the astounding views.

The surrounding area of the Leaning Tower in incredibly touristy however in January I can’t imagine it being as busy as during the summer. Before leaving to catch our flight we managed to grab a quick lunch in the surrounding area. Of course it had to be pizza, which believe it or not I had not had during our trip. For me you cannot go wrong in pizza’s especially when your in Italy of all places!  I’m so glad to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Florence and Pisa. I would definitely recommend visiting. Writing these posts about my trip has inspired me to plan my next city break, where to next?

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