Day 2 in Florence

Having familiarized ourselves with the city we took our time exploring on our second day. For a short city break Florence is perfect for sightseeing on foot especially when the weather is on your side. For January the weather was surprisingly good.

After having breakfast at our hotel we decided to visit the famed Statue of David at the Academia Gallery. We took our chances and went without prebooking tickets which worked in our favor. After waiting in the queue for a short while we soon gained access to the gallery. Most galleries in Florence feature religious art and are hundreds of years old. Initially I found this interesting but found that most paintings were of a similar style. What astounded me was the attention to detail in the paintings and the condition of them considering they were hundreds of years old. The Statue of David is incredibly impressive and I would say you cant leave Florence without seeing the infamous David. Across the city there are many duplicates of David. We took a trip uphill to Piazzale Michelangelo, to view a replica along with amazing views of the city.

We stopped for lunch and had a pannini which is a typical lunch in Florence. There are many sandwich shops around the city. I recommend sitting outside to enjoy a pannini with a glass of Tuscan wine, the most common wine I noticed was Chianti which seemed to be sold by the glass in most places for a reasonable price. I enjoyed sitting outside people watching and the weather was lovely considering it was the middle of January.

If you have checked out my Instagram lately you would have noticed a recent obsession with Gucci. I have always been a fan of the label but more so recently since the label has been under the direction of Alesandro Michielle . So of course I could not visit Florence without visiting the Gucci museum. Set in a traditional building within the Piazza della Signoria the museum covers the history of Gucci and details the benchmarks of the design house whilst showcasing some amazing pieces include a vintage Gucci Cadillac. The most recent addition to the museum I believe is the Tom Ford room which showcases all of Tom Ford designs for the brand in the one room. The dreamy plush velvet walls are in line the recent Gucci shopfits and I can only imagine that these vibes will expand though the rest of the museum which seems to be in transition from being under the reign of the previous Creative Director, Frida Gianni.

For dinner on our final evening we visited Ristorante Sant’ Ambrogio, Via Luigi Carlo Farini, 5. When travelling I tend to rely on Trip Advisor for recommendations however on passing this restaurant earlier on in the day we took a chance on it and made a reservation for that evening. Pricier than our meal the previous night although worth it. You know what they say when in of course I splashed out and had 3 courses followed by a delicious shot of Limoncello to end our meal. In Italy it is typical to have pasta as a starter and a meat dish for a main. This is why the courses are often spread out or delayed a little in order to let the food digest before the next course and to savor some fine red wine in between. We made a night of it and headed for some late evening cocktails at the quirky May Day club at : Via Dante Alighieri, 16. Be sure to make a visit to this place for the unusual interior and delicious cocktails. 

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