“Ride Fast, Burn the Highway”

Until recently I had never bought anything from Bershka until this t-shirt caught my eye. In this case it was after spotting on the Instagram discovery page that I decided to visit the store and scope it out. What caught my eye was the vibrant almost neon print that taps into the current trend of graphic print tee’s. It was easy to find in store and was even more desirable when I realized that the price point was only £9.99. This is a perfect way to buy into a seasonal trend with a low cost item that won’t break the bank but yet will look good when styled with other pieces.

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I’ve never really been into the “fast fashion” mode of buying, always believing in quality over quantity. In this case I have been proven wrong as the quality of this items feels good which is a positive to see that this hasn’t faltered given the price point of the item. I decided to style the t-shirt in more of a smart look by wearing with with smart black trousers layered over a white turtle neck. Alternatively I would wear this with some vintage Levi’s and Adidas Stan Smiths for a more casual look.

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Bershka is definitely on my radar now and I will be sure to have a look online from time to time to see if anything catches my eye. In my mind I see it as being a younger version of Zara, coming from the same parent company, Inditex and appealing to more of a student market given the lower price points. Although I’m no longer a student I will keep the brand in mind for tapping into seasonal trend pieces that are affordable.

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