No Spend February

Whilst most people do “Dry January” for me its all been about “No Spend February” I didn’t really know this was a thing until I seem some other bloggers mentioning it. Inadvertently I had no choice but to join in as my bills from over the Xmas period were a little more than I expected hence the reason why I decided to limit my spending during February.

Of course I have bought essentials such as food and my monthly travel card however I have stopped any exuberant buys ie. clothing I don’t need or dinners and nights out instead swapping them for home made meals and having a glass of wine at home instead of a bar.

I must admit I haven’t been as strict as initially intended to but I have limited my spending  by doing simple things such as swapping going out for brunch for making brunch at home at the weekends. Also I have been clearing out my wardrobe and listing clothes I haven’t worn on eBay. It does take time and effort however unworn clothes are other peoples treasures and I have slowly gained a fair amount of money in my PayPal account.

This year I plan to do a lot of travelling before I turn 30 so I’m intending to use the money from selling on eBay to put towards some of my trips this year including a visit to New York in the Summer. Some advice for trying to save money is to not be too hard on yourself as it will only make you miserable.I’m not an expert on the subject however here is some tips for saving.

  • Set yourself a target to save each month and set it aside in a bank account you can’t easily access.
  • Buy your monthly travel card in advance so you know what you are spending on travel at the start of the month and can set it aside
  • List your outgoings on monthly bills, this will enable you to budget how much you have left to spend after you pay your bills
  • Try to limit spending on credit cards unless you can control how much your spending and pay off the amount in full each month
  • When buying clothing or even going out for dinner do some research to find promo codes for discounts for example Meerkat Movies gives you 2 for 1 cinema tickets on a Monday/Tuesday

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