The Ups and Downs of Instagram…

I have been using Instagram for years but only recently really “got into it”. This obviously means posting more often and taking time to upload what pictures and when.


Little did I know how much time and effort it would take to achieve a “good Instagram post”  Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy taking the time and posting good content however what I don’t enjoy is the popularity test that goes with it.


Recently with each picture upload I get more and more anxious if it will receive any “likes” Most of the time they do so I am sharing some of my more popular pictures here along with this post.


Putting that aside I am enjoying being more active on Instagram and it seems the more you put into it the more you get out of it. Gaining  more followers is something I have been trying to do recently.


As with everything quality over quantity counts and this I feel applies to Instagram. I have notice that my followers go up and down a lot which at times, is frustrating  but then again I want me and my followers and me to “engage” with one and another.


However frustrating it might be to lose followers I need to learn to accept that if we have no common ground with one another then it doesn’t make sense to follow each other. We all know how many bogus accounts are out there. “follow for more likes” etc. Who thought it could all be so stressful?

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